FAT!SO? is for people who don’t apologize for their size!

FAT!SO? is for people of all sizes, colors, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, ages, classes, religions, health levels, abilities/ disabilities, and descriptions.

FAT!SO? is about ending weight-based prejudice and discrimination — and all other forms of oppression — because we’re all in this together and we’re all fabulous!

FAT!SO? is about celebrating weight diversity and enjoying Health At Every Size®.

FAT!SO? started as a print ‘zine in the mid-90s, became a FAT!SO? book in 1999, and has existed online as a website since 1995.

Marilyn Wann created FAT!SO? because she had a Really Bad Day. Two things happened, a double whammy: First, she was having dinner with this guy who said, “I just realized I’m embarrassed to introduce you to some of my friends because you’re fat.” When she got home, she opened a letter from Blue Cross that said she would not be allowed to purchase health insurance due to her “morbid obesity.”

She started FAT!SO? the very next day, with the desire to publicly come out as a proud fat person who refuses to be excluded from the basic things in life.

You are welcome here!

What’s not welcome here, not the least little bit…

  • fat = bad / thin = good beliefs
  • weight-based definitions of health
  • weight-loss goals and weight-loss methods
  • intentional weight-gain goals and feeder/gainer interests

We all carry the prevailing cultural messages about weight. If you’re investing in those messages and practices, there are a million places where you’ll find support. On this website, you’ll find support for fat liberation instead. Accept no substitutes!

Big, fat thanks to the omni-talented Cynsa Bonorris for her work on the first FAT!SO? website, Robin McCain at Fog City Websites for  her work on this version and to the heroic John Hogan for hosting the FAT!SO? website!!!!!